Car Emergency Power Bank Jump Starter


This is the ultimate emergency battery that you want with you in your car. It can jump start a dead battery, has a striking surface to use as a hammer, includes a seat-belt cutter,compass, can charge your phone or other small electrical devices, has a powerful flashlight, but still all fits in your hand.


LED illumination light
15V / 16V / 19V voltage output indicator lights
15V / 16V / 19V — 2A / 3A / 3.5A output
Electrical quantity indicator light
4 USB 5V – 2A output
15V – 1A charge input
Battery Power: 16000 mAH
Master switch
SOS light
Safety Hammer
Seat Belt Cutter
Size: 11.8″x 7.87″x 2″
Weight: 2.6 lbs


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